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In a city known for its unpredictable weather, such as Denver, count on Able Roofing to be your steadfast ally. Our swift response guarantees the security of your residence and belongings during urgent roof repair situations. Our experienced roof repair specialists precisely evaluate storm-triggered damage to your property. Collaborating seamlessly with insurance adjusters, we ensure a smooth journey. Place your trust in us to reinstate or set up your roof system with unwavering adherence to industry codes and manufacturer standards.


The mighty force of straight-line winds and tornadoes is a formidable adversary to roofs. While engineered to brave even the fiercest hurricane gales, roofing materials such as flashing, shingles, and tiles remain susceptible to the clutches of uplift. These tumultuous winds can unseat roofing elements, exposing vulnerable layers to the elements’ embrace. A breach in the topmost layer of the roof opens the gateway for moisture, infiltrating the decking and giving rise to exasperating leaks.

The airborne marauders

Among the perils unleashed by robust winds lies the risk of airborne objects. In the storm’s wake, various items from your property and its environs can transform into airborne hazards. Lawn fixtures, construction components, signs, and tree branches can metamorphose into projectiles. In anticipation of an impending storm, it’s wise to fasten loose objects around your premises and rally your neighbors to do the same. Still, the wind’s raw power and cascading rain chiefly shoulder the blame for the roof’s distress.

Understanding missing tiles and moisture risks

In the aftermath of a wind-driven spectacle, the silent departure of shingles may leave no trace. But the winds’ intricate moves, including updrafts and down-bursts, can equally transform shingles – curling, folding, or fracturing them. These natural gusts can unsettle shingles, leading them to find their way back as intended gracefully. Yet, rain can also seep into the layers during this dance. While not all damage is visible, a skilled roofing expert can reveal hidden issues caused by these powerful winds.

Revealing roof issues: Insights by Able Roofing

The Hailstorm's caress

Hail, a tempestuous force of nature, leaves its indelible mark on roofs. Its impact often manifests as minor, telltale dents and fractures on asphalt shingles. These minute "pits" disrupt the engineered integrity of the material, compromising its protective properties. The aftermath of a hailstorm includes cracks surrounding impact points and exposed granules that lay bare the substrate of the tiles. Over time, this could result in moisture penetration, seeping through the roof underlayment and eventually reaching the roof decking. The inevitable outcome is unwelcome leakage into the very heart of your home. At Able Roofing, we stand as your unwavering shield against hail's unpredictable fury, offering commercial & residential roof repair services and a fortified defense that keeps your home secure and dry.

Ice Dams unraveled

Ice dams, a unique challenge in colder climes, call for a strategic approach. With its wealth of experience, Able Roofing is at the forefront of addressing the root causes of ice dams. Ventilation and insulation issues often lay the groundwork for these stubborn formations. Our skilled technicians employ a specialized technique using pressurized hot water to melt the ice, clearing the snow away. This swift and effective solution ensures your property's protection and restores proper drainage during the harsh winter months when the risk of damage is at its peak. Suppose ice dams are a recurring issue on your Minnesota rooftop. In that case, it's imperative to address the underlying causes, and that's where we come in, offering not just a remedy but a holistic approach to prevention.

Ice Dam: Why Insulation Counts?

When too much warm air finds its way into your home or business's attic, it can lead to a troublesome issue – ice dams. Ice Dams can form when snow on the roof melts due to the excess heat and then freezes, causing blockages. Often, this problem stems from compromised heating ducts or outdated insulation that let warmth escape into the area just below the roof.

Dealing with a leaking roof due to ice dams

Did a recent storm leave your roof and property damaged? Something needs to be quite right up there. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to connect with Storm Group Roofing. Our skilled roofing experts will guide you through repairing your roof, whether fixing leaks, replacing shingles, or repairing flashing. We’ve assisted countless property owners in the aftermath of storms and are here to help you.

The Menace of Algae

Algae, thriving in shaded and damp environments, often finds its way to wood shingles or shakes that lack adequate sunlight. These microscopic spores take root, and as they flourish, they trap moisture. Unfortunately, this moisture retention catalyzes shingle deterioration, eventually leading to their complete rot.

Moss challenge

Moss, a prolific inhabitant of roofs, tends to increase in significant quantities. Its water-absorption abilities, magnified by rainfall and storms, render it heavy. This excessive moisture accumulation creates an environment prone to roof decay. Over time, the moss becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that morphs into mold. This insidious growth becomes a silent threat, progressively diminishing your roof's lifespan.

Lichen Threat

Lichen, another unwelcome guest on roofs, is quick to make its presence felt. This tenacious organism anchors itself to your roof, sealing in moisture and accelerating the process of wear and tear. The unfortunate outcome is evident in the bending or warping of your roof shingles, a direct consequence of this persistent growth.

Exceptional roof restoration services

Step 01

A Swift Connection

Reach out to the experts at Able Roofing; without delay, our dedicated roofing specialists will set foot on your property. Their mission: to swiftly assess the extent of the damage and promptly offer a comprehensive estimate for the required repairs.

Step 02

Navigating Insurance with Ease

Allow our team of roof insurance specialists to guide you through the intricate process. From seamlessly filing your claim to orchestrating the arrival of the adjuster, we ensure a meticulous evaluation, easing your worries along the way.

Step 03

Your Stress-Free Shelter

Rest easy as we seamlessly assume the responsibility of restoring your property to its original glory. Collaborating closely with your schedule, we pinpoint the optimal time for roof repair completion. Our skilled technicians usually wrap up roof repair projects in under two weeks, ensuring swift and practical solutions.

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