Wood Siding

Timeless Wood Siding Elegance With Able Roofing In Denver

Elegance and strength

Advantages of choosing wood siding

Aesthetic Delight

Wood siding exudes a classic charm that enhances the allure of your property.

Lasting Quality

Wood siding exudes a classic charm that enhances the allure of your property.

Sound Resistant

Wood siding is a natural sound barrier, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful home.

Energy efficiency

It offers remarkable insulation that lowers your energy bills.


Wood siding transforms your home's appearance with various finishes, from oils to stains and paints.

Environmentally friendly

It is a great recycling material and contributes to a sustainable environment.

Simple Installation

Easy to install and easily repaired, wood siding offers practicality and convenience.

Wood Siding installation

Wood siding installation presents a durable and naturally appealing choice for homeowners in Denver. It is an excellent option for environmentally-conscious individuals under the “carbon neutral” building materials category.

Today’s finest and most cost-effective wood siding products are sourced adequately from well-managed forests. These sustainable hardwood materials help delay the carbon release associated with wood decomposition. In some cases, reused wood siding is also available, reducing the strain on existing forests and maintaining their carbon-cleansing benefits.

It’s important to note that not all wood sidings have the same properties. While less expensive, softer pine cladding is more susceptible to pest issues than hardwoods. The methods used in curing and preserving wood siding can impact its durability and sustainability. At Able Roofing, we’re here to assist you in choosing the right wood siding that matches your preferences and values, ensuring a harmonious and enduring selection.

A Shield against the elements

Improve your home’s first impression by addressing any siding damage. Elevate your curb appeal with the expertise of Able Roofing, offering skillful repair and replacement of low-maintenance vinyl siding.

Durable elegance

Wood siding is built to withstand moisture, fungal decay, extreme weather changes, freezing cycles, hail, and wind, ensuring enduring protection.

Everlasting strength

Wood is a sustainable choice for your home's exterior. Despite vinyl siding's cost advantage, wood siding's durability makes it a worthwhile investment lasting for decades.

Visually appealing

With endless color possibilities, wood house siding can be painted to match your home's architectural design, creating a striking visual impact.

Wood Siding options

Wood siding, a natural choice for enduring charm, thrives in various wood species like redwood, pine, cypress, and cedar, each proven to withstand challenging climates, including Denver’s demanding weather.

Able Roofing, your Denver partner, tailors your wood siding to your desired look, texture, and color. Our expert installation ensures beauty, insulation, and protection from the ever-changing Denver climate.

Cypress wood siding

Cypress wood offers long-lasting protection, is highly durable, and is naturally resistant to rot and insects. Though relatively expensive, its lightweight nature and easy workability make it a compelling choice. Reclaimed cypress wood siding also presents an economical alternative, delivering decades of beauty and safeguarding your property. 

Enhance your Denver property’s appeal with able roofing’s wood siding. 

Cedar Wood Siding

Experience the charm of cedar wood siding with Able Roofing. Cedar has inherent insect-repellent properties, eliminating the need for excessive chemical treatments. Much like cypress, this lightweight and manageable wood is a versatile choice. Its ability to absorb stain leads to beautiful finishes, enhancing your home with a pleasant cabin ambiance.

Redwood Wood Siding

Redwood, a tall and rapidly growing tree, is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to shrinking or warping. With minimal maintenance – just sealing every 3-5 years – redwood siding retains its allure. Its innate resistance to insects and rot adds to its appeal. While the shortage of abundant redwoods makes it relatively pricey, it remains a premium choice for timeless elegance.

Pine Wood Siding

Explore the versatility of pinewood siding offered by Able Roofing. Pinewood is a popular choice across North America with its affordability and widespread availability. While white pine is commonly used for exteriors due to its cost-effectiveness, it’s important to note the need for proper maintenance in regions with high moisture and insects.

Your Trusted Denver Wooden Siding Experts

At Able Roofing, our skilled siding installers take pride in remodeling homes with wood siding. Among our popular choices is cedar shake siding, adding a touch of timeless elegance. We’re here to guide you in selecting the perfect wood siding for your residence and ensure its efficient installation.

Contact us to explore our residential roofing services and discover how wood siding can transform your Denver home.

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