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Unveil The Timeless Elegance Of Wooden Roofs!

The charm of wooden shakes and shingles

Discover Denver’s Premier Choice for Wooden Roofs with Able Roofing

Natural beauty, proven protection

Enhance your home’s timeless charm and durability with Able Roofing. As your family-owned Denver roofing expert since 1997, we’re here to introduce you to the beauty of wooden shake shingles.

Classic Appeal, Modern Protection

Wooden Shakes and Shingles

Wooden shake shingles, typically cedar, are treated to resist decay and pests. Cedar shingles have precise cuts, while shakes offer rustic charm. Amid roofing options, cedar shake exudes natural warmth and style. Once common, cedar’s rarity now makes it prized by homeowners and architects for its unique appeal. 

Discover the elegance of a wooden roof with Able Roofing – where timeless and modern unite.

Choosing between cedar shake and cedar shingles

Cedar shake shingles

Cedar shake shingles often have a tapered, rectangular shape, spanning around 16-24 inches in length. The appealing irregular edges of split shakes give them a rustic, naturally textured look. More refined shake shingles feature cleaner edges, known as “rebutted and re-squared” (R&R) shingles. Various wood species are employed, contributing to varying shake shingle lengths. Cedar roofing materials have fire retardant chemicals in today’s fire-conscious world, frequently earning them a Class A Fire Rating for safety. 

Experience the advantages of a wooden roof

Why opt for cedar roofing?

Aesthetic Appeal:

Cedar roofing offers versatility, ready to be adorned with oils, stains, or paints to elevate your home's charm.

Ease of Workability:

Wooden roofs are easily installed and more straightforward to repair and maintain.


Wooden roofing materials are fully recyclable, embodying sustainability.

Strength and Durability:

Cedar is one of the world's toughest woods, ensuring lasting quality.

Navigating Wood Shake and Shingle Roofing: The Realities

Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing



The beauty of composite shake

Achieve the look of natural wood with asphalt shingles

Decra Metal Roofing Stone Coated Metal Roofing For Every Style

DECRA stone-coated steel is an excellent option for homeowners that want to replace their wood shake roof with a low maintenance class A fireproof. DECRA, the original stone-coated steel roofing system, perfectly blends over 50 years

Highlights of Decra Stone Coated Metal

In regions favoring wooden shake aesthetics, Owens Corning introduces Wood moor® shingles. These asphalt shingles boast a thicker appearance than wood shake and a staggered installation pattern. Experience the richness of wood shakes, enhanced durability, and reduced maintenance. These composite shingles meet high Class A fire-resistance standards, providing peace of mind. With nature-inspired hues, your roof gains the warmth of natural wood.

Elevate your roofing vision with Able Roofing – Denver’s trusted family-owned expert since 1997.

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